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Caster selection method

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Caster selection method

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There are many different factors that determine the casters choice, the key is the most suitable for your use. Recommend the following several options casters method:

One, carrying capacity

According to the design of load bearing capacity to determine the individual needs of the caster. Trundle bearing capacity is casters of the most basic and the most critical requirements, and actual use situation also differ in thousands of ways. Therefore, in the actual selection casters bearing capacity shall be left a certain margin of safety, to the most commonly used four wheel installation, for example, usually can be selected according to the following two methods:

According to the three casters bear all the weight. The suspended a caster. This method is in the process of goods shipment or mobile devices, casters under the momentum larger, ground condition poorer situations, especially in the total weight of the larger.

According to the selection of four casters under 120% of the total weight. This method was applied to the ground state good, shipment or mobile device process and casters to withstand the impact of a smaller occasions.

Special needs to be pointed out that for those casters will have a large impact, not only to choose the load bearing capacity of casters, and should choose a specially designed anti impact structures.

Two, the use of site conditions

According to the actual working conditions of wheel material suitable casters. Wheels of the direct and the ground contact, easily affected by ground and ground on the various objects and the surrounding environment in various corrosive media invasion and corrosion, if the choice is undeserved, will greatly shorten the service life of the casters, working environment will impact the use of wheels.

Abrasion resistance, and good elastic rubber shall be used on rough ground, polyurethane or super artificial rubber wheels; work in a special high temperature or low temperature or working environment temperature difference is big, should choose metal wheels or special resistance to hot wheels; in required to prevent the accumulation of static electricity generated, the best way is to use special anti-static round, made of metal round (if the ground does not require protection); working environment, there are a lot of corrosive medium shall be correspondingly with the wheels of the good corrosion resistance.

On the basis of working environment of the caster adaptability, selected the most suitable model.

Three, rotational flexibility

High precision ball bearings running exceptionally smooth and flexible, and is particularly applicable to high-grade equipment and quiet environment; quality of DuPont engineering plastics manufacturing the myrtle spirit bearing is widely used all kinds of corrosive media; elaborate needle roller bearings under heavy pressure still relaxed freely; to protect the beautiful floor, please use soft rubber, polyurethane and super artificial rubber tire; to avoid on the ground will leave an ugly round printed, please choose special gray rubber wheel, polyurethane wheels, super artificial rubber tire and other non wheel printing wheel......

Four, temperature requirements

The cold and heat of a lot of wheels are likely to cause trouble, the best choice for the environment and temperature adaptation of the wheels.

Five, other

In accordance with the requirements of a variety of special requirements, you can choose the appropriate Annex (see Annex). As the dust cap, sealing ring and anti wrapping cover to keep the rotating part of the caster clean to prevent the entanglement of the all fiber, makes the caster long-term use is still flexible unabated; single switch and double brake device can effectively prevent casters turning and turning, so that you can stay in any position.


The user is responsible for the proper maintenance and operation of the wheel equipment. To avoid improper use or equipment, there will be overloaded, heavy to light in the car. A high speed on a rough road or a heavy load that causes a wheel or a device to damage. So please check regularly:

Support and fasteners

The loose wheel nut is tightened and check the weld or support plate damage. Overload or impact can lead to stent distortion. The twisted frame of the bracket causes heavy load to tilt on the individual wheel and cause the wheel to premature damage. If it is inserted rod type casters, tighten the nut or solid riveting tight and ensure equipment mounting bracket without bending and inserting rod is installed correctly. Install castors, should use the lock nut or lock washer. The expansion of the inserting rod casters installation to ensure the inserted rod firmly installed in the casing.

Lubrication - regular lubrication oil, wheels and bearings can be used for a long time. The friction parts of grease on the wheel axle, the sealing ring and roller bearings, can reduce the friction and make more flexible rotation. Under normal circumstances, once every six months of lubrication. The car should be cleaned after each month to lubricate the wheels.

The wheels

Visual inspection of wheel wear. Wheel rotation is not smooth and fine red, rope and other debris related. The cover can be blocked by the winding of the debris. Too tight or loose casters is another factor, the replacement of the damaged wheel / casters to prevent rotation instability. After the inspection and replacement of the wheels, to ensure that by the lock washer and nut tightening wheel. Because the wheel axle loose will lead to the wheel and the bracket friction and card die. Should be equipped with the replacement of wheels and bearings to avoid loss of production.

Casters - if active steering is too loose, should be replaced immediately. If the caster center rivet is fixed nut, should ensure that its firmly locked. If steering can not rotate freely, should check the ball at no corrosion or dirt. If the assembly has a fixed type casters, caster bracket shall ensure that no bending phenomenon.

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