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The use of castor note

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The use of castor note

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One purpose

Caster is for the sake of convenient transportation, such as for indoor, the buildings need to engaged in the handling of all equipment and all kinds of handling equipment, manpower, please abide by the following principles: the selection of the caster to according to the use of methods and conditions, appropriate use is correctly installed.

Two, the use and use of casters

When using the casters to anticipate the use, the required functions, using the condition (scope of application), and then choose the appropriate type, please pay attention to the following matters:

1, appropriate load

The bearing load is defined by manual operation in the flat ground handling is easy to move the general bearing, also is in a safe state for a long time such handling work in general load, prior to estimate total weight of carrying objects, and then press the allowed weight choice suitable casters. Usually appear in four casters in only three stress situation, so total weight limit should be properly (i.e. don't count my) on theoretical *.

With four casters, total weight limit = each (1) casters allow bearing load *4*0.8, mixed use of different sizes of the casters, please with the lowest weight - bearing load that a caster as a benchmark, calculate maximum bearing weight.

2, about speed

The caster speed requirements are: under normal temperature environment, to not more than walking speed, on the flat ground, must stop working state of general use. (please avoid the continuous casters fat pad (stop) use)

Caster wheel diameter below 75mm ------2 km / h

100mm following ------4 km / h

3, the use of conditions

According to the specific casters installation of various equipment, determine casters wheel diameter, material, installation (such as a panel mounted, and screw type, etc.) and to use castor type (such as flexible rotation type, fixed type, can stop type, etc.). In short, according to the various types of existing castor varieties or optional, fully weighed after choosing the most proper.

4, a brake casters

Due to the long time use will occur casters wear, thus casters function is reduced, and pay attention to.

Under normal circumstances, rigid casters (nylon, resin, etc.) in use after a period of time, the check function will decrease.

A stop turn, please according to product requirements in terms of security, or the provisions of the special needs using other stop transfer mode (such as castor brakes, ground check slip, etc.).

5, the use of environmental conditions casters

General production casters and the environment are set at room temperature in the state of indoor environment, so try to avoid used in special circumstances, such as high temperature, low temperature, Winn, acidity, alkalinity, places much salt, chemical solvent, oil, or water and solution of the direct contact with casters, even will reduce the efficacy of casters.

Not to use to respectively different, equipped with other reliable measures, such as appliances, metal material, casters of material, lubrication oil material and so on comprehensive to be weighed, and to take into account some of the material will cause fouling on the ground.

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