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Introduction of industrial casters

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Introduction of industrial casters

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Industrial casters is mainly refers to the machinery and equipment or plant a caster products, it can use super polyurethane, senior reinforced polyamide (PA6), made of rubber single wheel, the overall product need very high strength and impact resistance, usually heavy and super heavy foot wheel. Industrial casters of metal scaffold with high quality galvanized steel or chrome plated anti-corrosion steel plate, internal with various injection molding method installed precision ball bearings. Can be used in 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm of the steel plate.

The characteristics and requirements of industrial casters

We need to design the industrial casters of different size according to the bearing capacity of the user environment.

Optional ball and roller bearings bearing two.

Need to press the user to choose the appropriate material and the width of the load of the wheel.

General industrial casters can be used in the workshop, factories, shopping malls and restaurants and other industries in the environment.

Use of the production of the high pressure punch truckle bracket, a stamping molding for 200 to 500kg carrying cargo capacity of long distance transport.

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